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Here to support Downstate's ongoing quest to nurture the Brooklyn community and improve the health of people around the world.

SUNY 的健康 Sciences University Continues to Lead


Leading in urban health care, medical training, and scientific research.

We ask for your support in our ongoing quest to nurture the Brooklyn community and improve the health of people around the world.

Building a bridge to the future

photo of Brooklyn Bridge

photo by Robert C. 纳普米.D.   

You Have the Power To Help Shape Our Future
Celebrating Over 150 Years of 研究, 教育, and 美高梅线上大全

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Each year at 纽约州立大学州南部 we train approximately 1,500 young men and women to become compassionate and highly competent physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and biomedical researchers. By contributing to Downstate you will have a direct impact on the training of healthcare professionals. In addition, starting in 2002 纽约州立大学州南部 extended its commitment to the education and welfare of the community through its new Masters in Public Health program.


Biomedical research is a growth industry at 纽约州立大学州南部. Building on milestones in magnetic imaging, dialysis, microsurgery, pharmacology and HIV research, we continue to pave the way for new discoveries. The new 50,000 sq.ft. Advanced Biotechnology Incubator will provide an unprecedented opportunity to combine our existing research expertise with that of both start-up and mature biotechnology firms.

Community Service

It is impossible to over estimate 纽约州立大学州南部's impact on the local community.

In order to target your donation to an area that you are most interested in, review 具体的 基金 and 捐赠基金 before you donate.

When you're ready, you can 给在线 or donate by check.

To donate by check please make your check out to the HSCB Foundation, Inc. 与 specific fund name and/or number only in the "for" or "memo" section and 邮件 你的支票:

纽约州立大学州南部 Health Sciences University
克拉克森大街450号.MSC 93
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Attn: Department of 慈善事业

Your generous support is greatly appreciated.
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